NPT & S/W Unions

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Forged or Bar Stock




  1. Pipe Threads conform to ANSI B1.20.1
  2. 150 LB Unions of any alloy are supplied with Type 304 Union Nuts. Type 316 Nuts are available on request.
  3. Dimensions of 3000 LB Unions conform to MSS-SP-83
  4. General dimensions of 3000 LB Socket-Welding Unions are the same as shown for 3000 LB Threaded Unions of the same size. Dimensions of Socket-Welding End Connections and Fitting Bores conform to MSS-SP-83 and ASME B16.11 requirements for 3000 LB Socket-Welding Fittings
  5. 6000 LB Threaded and Socket-Welding Unions are available on request