It's a long way from the Spring of '44, the year we made our debut. We're not boasting that more than fifty years have made us good. Age has nothing to do with it. We're good because year after year we have always done our best to make our product and our service better than before. We share a special pride that to this point in time we have remained an independently owned and operated enterprise. Customers know that when they deal with ASP they can easily reach the top level every time for any decision of the moment. Today, quality controlled materials and computerized production methods absolutely assure customer and user satisfaction. The ASP brand on every product is your guarantee that it is manufactured from material supplied from periodically audited sources and in full compliance to all applicable specifications under documented manufacturing and inspection procedures, and customer requirements. In addition to product quality control, ASP is committed to an ongoing quality improvement process involving every member of our staff from the bottom to the top level. The ASP "Q" Team, as we refer to it, strives to achieve Quality Par Excellence. Customers and users are always welcome to see our facility in full operation.